Remembering James Hubbell

Olivenhain Municipal Water District and Escondido Creek Conservancy are deeply saddened by the passing of James Hubbell. Mr. Hubbell and his son Drew designed in 2009 the Elfin Forest Interpretive Center Honoring Susan J. Varty. Artwork in and around the Interpretive Center was also created by or inspired by James Hubbell.

Mr. Hubbell was a visionary artist whose profound contributions have left an indelible mark on our community. His creative spirit and unique vision brought life to the Interpretive Center, transforming it into a place of beauty and inspiration. Mr. Hubbell’s artistic influence within the Interpretive Center, from tile mosaic floor depicting Escondido Creek, to the intricate ceiling mosaic representing the four seasons at the Reserve, reflects his connection with nature and his dedication to environmental stewardship through art.

“Mr. Hubbell’s legacy will continue to inspire all who visit our Interpretive Center, reminding us of the power of art to connect us with the natural world and with each other,” said OMWD Board Director Marco San Antonio.

“The Conservancy was so fortunate to have James Hubbell as part of our journey,” said former Escondido Creek Conservancy board member Jeff Swenerton. “He once said, ‘Nature through the eyes of an artist evokes an emotional response,’ and that connection will always be part of what we do. He believed that children needed to have a place to explore our natural world. Thank you, James, for giving us an amazing interpretive center.”

Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones during this time of loss. For more information on James Hubbell’s gift to Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, please visit our Interpretive Center’s webpage or call 760-632-4212.

EFRR's interpretive center designed by James Hubbell

The Reserve’s Interpretive Center designed by James Hubbell, pictured next to his totem depicting the Kumeyaay story of creation


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