Geocache Policy

Olivenhain Municipal Water District Geocaching Policy

The Reserve’s mission is: “To safely operate Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve and to provide all visitors with a unique recreational, educational, and environmental experience.” The Reserve recognizes geocaching – a treasure hunt that utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the internet to find caches – as a recreational experience. However, not all areas of the Reserve are suitable for geocaching due to sensitive habitat. This geocaching policy was developed to facilitate responsible geocaching such that the Reserve can meet its mission.

Register cache

•  Caches must be registered by completion and approval of a registration form prior to placing a cache

•  The Geocache Registration Form contains the following information.

a) Geocache owner information
b) Description and photo of cache and description of cache contents
c) Coordinates, description and photo of proposed cache location

Cache Owner Responsibilities

•  Caches must be checked every six months

•  Once cache registration has expired, the owner is responsible for removing the cache and deactivating the online coordinate posting.

•  Failure to remove a cache and deactivate the coordinate posting within seven days of registration expiration (or if cache was inappropriately placed) may negate further approvals.

Approval of a proposed cache location will be based upon the following criteria



•  Caches must be placed within 3 feet of existing trails, overlooks or picnic areas
•  No off trail hiking or disturbance of cultural, historical or biological resources
•  Caches must be hidden without impacting flora/fauna
•  Caches may not be buried
•  Geocaches must be at least 0.10 miles apart


Cache Items

•  No food items
•  No dangerous, hazardous, offensive or otherwise inappropriate items
•  Caches may not contain any commercial advertising or content


Size and labeling

•  Cache size is limited to 8 x 6 x 4 inches
•  Geocache name must be clearly visible on exterior of waterproof container



•  The number of caches within the Reserve is limited to fifteen (15)
•  An individual may register up to three (3) caches within the Reserve at any one time

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